Ben Wyvis and Glen Affric National Park


Pàirc airson dhaoine, Pàirc airson nàdar

A Park for people, a Park for nature 

A priceless landscape of mountains, lochs and forests. A park celebrating, protecting and improving the area’s rich natural and cultural heritage.

From the summits to the sea – our vision for Ben Wyvis and Glen Affric incorporates the great east-west glens in the central north Highlands and the highest peaks north of the Great Glen, running down from the high watershed to the farmland of the Beauly and Cromarty Firths. This is a wild and scenic landscape, but a working landscape too, with a farming and crofting heritage worthy of protection.  

A park helping to promote nature restoration, revitalising and reconnecting the extensive woodland of the eastern flank of the Highlands and restoring our valuable peatlands, with the potential to work on a local level or a landscape scale to enhance biodiversity and spearhead a response to climate change.

By helping to develop active and more responsible tourism, a National Park should bring significant and lasting opportunities for investment, new businesses and economic prosperity, while also better managing the impact of visitors on our environment and communities.

It should work to develop a sustainable economy, connect communities, reverse rural decline, promote affordable and social housing, and enhance outdoor leisure and active living. The Park could address the challenges of climate change in ways which also take account of the needs of the people who live here, for instance by promoting community owned assets. A park should work in partnership with existing land management, too, from farming to forestry and stalking.

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“A National Park that encompasses some of the country’s finest glens and bens in the North East Highlands is overdue. A Park can both promote green tourism and provide ways to address the impact of increased visitor numbers. But the wishes and needs of local residents must be integral to it if we are to fully harness the potential of a new National Park.”

John Mackenzie, Earl of Cromartie


“I support this bid to explore the possibility of National Park status for Ben Wyvis and Glen Affric because it will promote local tourism and all businesses which tourists may use - supporting more, and better paid, jobs."

Cllr Chris Birt 


“We must all protect, promote, extend and maintain our valued recreational assets. We support the Ben Wyvis and Glen Affric National Park bid because it will help improve the trail network in the wider region, increase participation in mountain biking, and encourage youth development in the sport at all levels.” 

Graham Macdonald, Highland Trail Riders 


 "The sub-artic flora and fauna of the Ben Wyvis plateau is very special, and I doubt there are many places in Scotland let alone Europe where within less than 13km you can move from sea level, through some of the best fertile farmland, to upland grazing, forests, heather moorland and finally up to tundra..."

Hector Munro, farmer and landowner


Our bid is built and steered by the people who live here. We need to hear from you! 

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A National Park will boost the economy of the region, with opportunities for investment and new businesses.

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